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Updated: Nov 19, 2018


Say goodbye to those 'to do lists'

How to prepare a creation list:

Following up on our last newsletter, here is an example on how to create a daily “creation list”. To feel and be more productive, happier, healthier and to overall get more out of your day and not feel like time is simply passing by and nothing ever gets done (or not much at least).

Doesn’t it feel good when the housework is all done and you look at your accomplished work, the sparkly clean house, car or shed? It always gives me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction having completed even such a simple and repetitive task.

So here is one way to start your new routine of creating your “creation list”: Every evening sit down for 5mins with a blank sheet of paper and write down what you want to accomplish the next day (e.g. walk the dog, clean the car, do a 5 min. meditation, send that letter to your parents or friend you have been putting off for months, go for an hour walk or finally start to learn that instrument that you always wanted since you were little). If you do your list the morning of, you already start on the back foot. I have to admit of being a huge fan of lists. Whether it be a shopping list, travel list or a recipe (just another list).

Research has shown that when we write something down, rather than just saying it in our head, it is much more likely to happen.  Read more about it HERE.

At the end of each day write down tomorrows “ideal day” From waking to sleeping:

            -Write down each activity/ responsibility/ opportunity             -Time each begins             -Expected length             -Results/Outcome

With all of this NEVER forget to include leisure, detachment and relaxation. I can not emphasize enough the suggestions to NOT check your phone/ emails/ outside “noises” before you have completed your first constructive hour of the day. It is like telling your life how it is going to go tomorrow. How cool is this?  And you will be surprised how well it will work.

ALWAYS start your day with what is most important to you. Magic happens when you are efficient. Ask yourself what have I been procrastinating working on lately? Schedule 20mins TOMORROW MORNING Doesn’t mean you have to complete it. Just putting energy towards it gets the ball rolling.

Your creation list in NOT what you have to do, but it is helping create what you are going to get out of your day.

Have some fun with this :-).

We care. We listen. We get results.

Here for you 100%

Your Team @ Moruya Chiro&Wellness

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